Years of experience allow us to provide efficient production and packing solutions for your business, with our brand or without it, in Botanas Wipos we want to help your business grow . . .

General benefits!


Constant creation of new products with original shapes, flavors and colors.


Many years of experience in the market, give us extensive knowledge in the production and packaging of snacks.

Precios competitivos
Competitive prices

Due to high production volumes and versatility of products, we can offer competitive prices with attractive margins for your business to grow.


We guarantee freshness and quality in our products, from start to end, based on us using only the best inputs and processes.


Quality and professionalism are values that we will always have with our business partners and clients.

Special benefits for our different clients:


  • Products in bulk or large presentations for greater use.
  • Products in individual presentations with attractive portions for resale.
  • Quality in raw materials.
  • Variety and innovation with delicious flavors.
Frequently asked questions


  • High turnover products.
  • International Quality Standards.
  • Variety of products and ongoing innovation.
  • Attractive earnings.
  • Constant promotions.
Frequently asked questions
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